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Based on rich experience of our staff we propose you the highly professionally developed solutions in sector of GIS, Land Management, Cadastre.

Land and Real Estate Registration, Cadastre

Evolution of GIS and spreading it worldwide and among different sectors of human activity creates high demand in modern GIS solutions. Our experts have a huge professional experience in Land Management. They are able to develop and implement modern solutions on base of new technologies, quality work, professionalism and deeply approach to solve put by problems.

We continueosly keep an aye on new technologies and equipment. Our experts have mastered and successfully implemented such technologies as:

  • GPS, Geodesy equipment (Total Station, Leveling, and others);
  • ESRI ArcGIS 9.2, AutoCAD 2008, MapInfo, and others;
  • Processing of maps, satellite images, remote sensing data, and others;
  • Data processing, Transformation from one software to another, and others;
  • Training, Practcal workshops, trainings on the field, and others.

Land Reclamation

Our experts have a huge experience in field of land reclamation and rehabilitation of oil-polluted soils.

You can request "Re-cultivation of oil polluted souls of Azerbaijan" article here (

Our experts able to build GIS based solution to manage and improve situation with oil-polluted lands as well as other types of pollutions. Our intercultural experience allows to transfer knowledge and skills to other countries through trainings, workshops, and presentations.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS, based on GIS, allows to manage information about land users, lots, land business, georeference this data to electronic maps, and makes custom reports. The main purpose of MIS is assisting in desision making. Our experts can develop MIS implemented on base of modern world standards and practices as well as customer specific order.

Our experts have all necessary experience and skills to develop and implement MIS for multi-branched cadastre with the following core fetures:

  • Register of land users (legal entities as well as physical bodies);
  • Management of cadastre division;
  • Quantitative and qualitative register of land, including its division by categories and purpose;
  • Register of Land Acts and other documents;
  • Register of rights and deals with lots;
  • Determination and registration of burden and servitude;
  • Statistical Reports;
  • Tracking of financial flows;
  • Search data using complex queries;
  • Address management;
  • Management of cadastre map;
  • And others.

Search queries in Cadaste Database includes:

  • Cadastre Number;
  • Location;
  • Legal person;
  • Type of right;
  • Purpose;
  • Address;
  • Date of registration;
  • And others;

Data entering methods include:

  • Vectorising of scanned cartographic materials;
  • Entering of registered objects by coordinates;
  • Processing of Field Data;
  • GPS data;
  • Processing of satellite images;
  • Import from other systems;
  • And others.


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