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Road Improvement/Construction Feasibility Studies and Designs

DBUK offers his highly experienced personal to provide competitive services in feasibility studies and detailed designs. Our experts are able to undertake Feasibility (or Prefeasibility) Study activities typically including the following specific tasks:

  • Perform reconnaissance surveys to assess the technical viability of the proposed road corridors. Assess the suitability of locally available construction materials;
  • Identify suitable local roads requiring improvement along the proposed road corridor to improve the access of local communities;
  • Based on economic and technical assessments, propose the most suitable route of the proposed road corridor and the most cost-effective way of developing the proposed road corridor to accommodate the projected traffic and meet national/international standards;
  • Prepare construction cost estimates for developing the proposed road corridor and its annual maintenance costs during the economic life of the corridor;
  • Prepare a project implementation schedule;
  • Prepare an Engineering Report on the proposed road corridor.

Our experts are able to undertake Detailed Designs activities, including the following specific tasks:

  • Adopting design concept and methodology;
  • Road Conditions survey;
  • Topographical surveys;
  • Geotechnical Surveys;
  • Vertical and horizontal road alignment design;
  • Road Cross-section designs;
  • Pavement design;
  • Drainage design;
  • Bridge designs;
  • Road Safety measures and roadside facilities;
  • Development of engineer’s estimates;
  • Development of tender documents (if required).

Construction Supervision

DBUK offers highly experienced personal to provide competitive services in carrying out generally all the duties of the engineer as specified in the contract. These activities typically include the folliwng specific tasks:

  • approve contractors work program;
  • order special tests of materials and/or completed works, and/or order the removal and substitution of improper materials and/or works as required;
  • approve and/or issue working drawings including variations thereof, in this connection give instructions to the contractor;
  • verify and get corrected the as-built drawings supplied by the contractor;
  • control and appraise the progress of the work, to order suspension of the works and to authorize, with the employer's approval, extensions of the periods of completion of works;
  • inspect the works, during the construction period and the Defects Liability Period and to issue Defect Liability Certificates after the rectification, by the contractor, of possible defects;
  • advise the employer on all matters relating to the execution of the works, claims from the contractor and to make recommendations thereon, including the possible recourse of arbitration;
  • prepare in consultation with the employer, a Construction Supervision Manual outlining routines and procedures to be applied in contract management, construction supervision and administration;
  • prepare a maintenance manual outlining the routines to be adopted in each specific reach and for the works and bridges;
  • issue monthly progress reports and quarterly progress reports;
  • issue variation orders, fix rates for unpriced works, all after obtaining prior approval of the employer, and/or to make recommendations to the employer;
  • interim certificates for monthly payments to the contractors, and certify completion of the parts or the totality of the works;
  • assist the employer in providing certifications/explanations to observations made, from time to time by the auditor;
  • other activities.



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