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Assignment: Technical Assistance Services for Construction of 9 Road Interchanges in Baku City
Country: Azerbaijan
Client: Louis Berger SAS, France
Terms: November 2006 - December 2007

The Government of Azerbaijan Republic is financing construction of 9 road interchanges in Baku City, with the purpose to reduce the road traffic congestion. Development Business UK Ltd. has signed the agreement with the Louis Berger SAS (main Consultant) in order to assist in Technical Assistance Services for Construction of 9 Road Interchanges in Baku City. The civil works, with the project value of over USD 100 million, include:

  • Bridges, with total lengths of about 4 km, using reinforced pre-cast and post tensioned box girder and T-beam spans of 15 – 65 m;
  • Tunnels, single and double tube with the total length of about 1,400 m;
  • Retaining Walls, pre-cast and cast in-situ reinforced concrete;
  • Roadway Approaches, asphalt concrete pavement with the width from 8 m to 25 m;
  • Auxiliary works: Relocation of Utilities, like water/gas/sewage pipes, electric cables, communication lines.

Development Business (UK) Ltd has provided key professional staff (Bridge Engineer, CAD Engineer) to work on this project

The objectives of the Development Business (UK) Ltd Team’s services are in summary, to provide technical assistance for Construction of 9 Road Interchanges in Baku City by performing the following project tasks:

  1. Assist the Client and the Designer (Technomost) for any required modifications of the alignment design of interchanges due to unexpected obstacles or other conditions and to propose new technologies where appropriate;
  2. Monitor the sources and quality of materials to be incorporated in the Works and report to the PIU Director and of any eventual non-conformance;
  3. Follow up and appraise the progress of the Works and inform and advise the Client of acceleration measures;
  4. Inform the Client on ambiguities and/or discrepancies in Contract Documents and make recommendations for their resolutions;
  5. Inspect as-built drawings prepared by the Contractors and report to the Client any deficiencies;
  6. Follow up/ oversee the testing of materials and works carried out by the Contractors and advise the Client on corrective measures when works are not in compliance with specifications;
  7. Inform the Client on the Contractors’ Traffic Management systems and safety measures when not in compliance with Technical Specifications;
  8. Oversee the execution of works during the construction period including the rectification by the Contractor of possible defects, and report any deviation to the Client;
  9. Advice the Client, on all matters related to claims from the Contractor and make recommendations thereon;
  10. Prepare Project Reports;
  11. Provide assistance to the PIU team in program planning and implementation, contract administration, claim management and quality monitoring.


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