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Assignment: Assistance in CAD works for preliminary designs of the Alat-Astara Road, Section B (24.5 KM)
Country: Azerbaijan
Client: Tera International Group, Inc., United States
Terms: April 2007 - June 2007

Our Client, Tera International Group, Inc. worked on the project with the objective to prepare the Southern Road Corridor Improvement Project so that it is suitable for ADB financing. The scope of the project is to undertake a feasibility study and preliminary design of the road rehabilitation project. DBUK Ltd signed and agreement with TERA for Assistance in CAD works for preliminary designs of the Alat - Astara Motorway Road, Section B (24.5 KM)

Development Business (UK) Ltd. has completed Preliminary Design Works (drawings) for the Section B of Alat – Astara Road (24.5 km).
Based on the field data provided by the Contractor (TERA), Consultant - DBUK Ltd. provided the following works presented in soft, ready to print file formats:

  • horizontal alignment;
  • vertical alignment;
  • cross sections;
  • showing location of all structures per the specified details for:
    1. intersections and roundabouts;
    2. bridges;
    3. flyovers culverts;
    4. agriculture underpasses;
    5. fencing;
    6. gravel frontage roads

DBUK CAD engineer has also provided estimate of quantities derived from processing of alignment data for section B (24.5 km).

In addition to that DBUK (UK) provided on complimentary bases the following works:

  • Development of alternative options for horizontal alignment;
  • Coordinates for production of cadastral map;
  • Horizontal alignment transferred into the satellite map;
  • Coordinates of locations of structures for the geological surveys.


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