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Assignment: SSTA for Preparing the CAREC Transport Corridor I (Zhambyl Oblast Section) Project
Country: Kazakhstan
Client: Asian Development Bank, Philippines
Terms: August 2008 - February 2009

Development Business (UK) ltd is assigned to provide 4 man months Procurement Expert during period from August 2008 up to February 2009. The Procurement Expert will be responsible for the preparatory procurement activities carried out for the Investment Project while ensuring that procurement is carried out in compliance with the Asian Development Banks's (ADB's) Guidelines, procedures and procurement plan:

  • Prepare procurement activity schedule following ADB’s procurement steps and estimated durations;
  • Review and prepare technical specifications for procurement of civil works and TOR for services in consultation with the Investment Project’s executing agency (EA);
  • Prepare request for proposals for consultants, prequalification document, invitation for bidding and bidding documents for civil works;
  • Prepare tender notices and invitations for bids;
  • Receive, open, and assist the EA in evaluation of prequalification application and bids, expression of interest, and technical and financial proposals from consultants, and finalize contracts;
  • Maintain all records relating to procurement activities;
  • Maintain a separate record relating to complaints and their redressing;
  • Periodically update the procurement plan and schedule in agreement with the EA to incorporate changes and actual project implementation needs;
  • Prepare procurement implementation reports in accordance with the reporting requirement acceptable to ADB;
  • Assist the EA in its procurement activities and help it in develop reports in the agreed format;
  • Assist ADB staff during procurement prior-reviews;
  • Contribute to the preparation of project documents and materials for ADB and the EA as relates to procurement aspects.
    Train EA staff on procurement;
  • Assist the EA obtain clearances from ADB and within Government.


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