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Assignment: South West Roads Project: Western Europe- Western China International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b & 6b). Consulting Services for Construction supervision on section km 1917-2057.
Country: Kazakhstan
Client: Roughton International and Ministry of Transport and Communications of Republic of Kazakhstan
Terms: February 2010 - August 2013

The Republic of Kazakhstan is upgrading the Western Europe-Western China International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b & 6b), from China to Russia through Almaty, Taraz, Shymkent, Kyzylorda and Aktobe cities (about 2787 km). This assignment was for Construction supervision on section km 1917-2057 in Kyzylorda Region. DBUK has concluded a subcontract with a lead firm - Roughton International to perform services for construction supervision.

  • Issue the orders to commence the works;
  • Administer the civil works contracts, approve the materials and quality of the works in accordance with the contract;
  • Approve the Contractors' work program and the sources of materials;
  • Approve the Contractors' working drawings;
  • Check the progress of the work, examine and attend the measurement of any work that is about to be covered, and order, if required, uncovering of unsatisfactory works and its satisfactory reconstruction;
  • Ascertain and determine by measurement the value of the works in accordance with the Contracts;
  • Check Contractors' invoices, claims and other statements with respect to arithmetical errors and compliance with the contracts and issue interim certificates for payments, and certify completion of parts or the totality of the works;
  • Inspect the performance of works in compliance with specifications, order, supervise or perform tests on materials and approve or disapprove the Contractor's plant and equipment; order the removal of improper or substandard works and expose work which has been covered without permission;
  • Supervise the Contractors in all matters concerning safety and care of the works, and direct operations in case of an emergency situation affecting the safety of life, of the works, or of adjoining property, and ensure that traffic operational safety is met before commencing the works, and issue any work plan or drawing in that respect;
  • Inspect the works daily during the construction periods, and issue the fields reports;
  • Advise the Client on all matters related to the execution of the contracts including processing of the Contractors' claims;
  • Carry out at least quarterly inspection visits during the Defects Notification Periods (which will have a duration of two-years);
  • Verify and, if necessary, arrange correction of the "as built" drawings supplied by the Contractors and deliver them to the Client; and,
  • In the relevant cases, whenever the works Contract refers to the role of 'the Engineer' (for example in the World Bank Standard Bidding Documents for works) the consultants will perform the part of this role assigned to them by the Client.


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