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Assignment: DBUK website
Country: United Kingdom
Client: Development Business (UK) Ltd
Terms: Ongoing, started on July 2008

IT Applications Section of Development Business (UK) Ltd started to develop DBUK's information website in July, 2008. The first working version was published in August, 2008. DBUK intends to update continueously its website content.

Main tasks implemented to build and publish the website included:

  • Selecting, structuring and refining information to be published on the website;
  • Creating hyper text files;
  • Selecting working platform, web hosting provider, and hosting plan;
  • Selecting domain name;
  • Acquisition of hosting package and domain name;
  • Seting up the hosting;
  • Uploading data to the server;
  • Seting up mail boxes;
  • Administering hosting.

DBUK decided to use hosting managed by LINUX Red Hat operation system. LINUX systems as server platforms have proved their heigh reliability and performance . DBUK has selected domain name in the EU zone, since DBUK headquartered in the United Kingdom - the member of the European Union.

DBUK looks forward to improve continueosly its website as a tool providing widely accessed source to learn more about DBUK.


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